Theater and Theology, under the creative direction of Yael Valier, presents English-speaking theater that makes you think. Together with her team, Yael combines her experience in theater and her interest in the beauties and quirks of religion to bring Jerusalem audiences meaningful entertainment both during performances and in post-performance discussions with scholars. Part of Theater and Theology's mission is to bring the work of Israeli playwrights to light. 

Divine Right by Roy Doliner at the Khan Theater, Jerusalem

Yael has been involved in the Israeli English-speaking acting scene for seventeen years as a writer, actor, voice actor, and director. She is a graduate of Matan's Ayanot program and of the Ruti Tamir Physical Theater Workshop and she teaches drama at Midreshet Emuna V'Omanut to EVO students and to Midreshet Lindenbaum's Darkaynu students. Yael has been a member of Rabbi Natan Lopes Cardozo's think tank for the last ten years. She runs and teaches Bibliodrama workshops for Jewish and non-Jewish groups and voices animated characters for The Fox Network's BabyTV Channel. You can hear her voice (though you may not recognize it) in five current series. 

Yael at Limmud, UK, 2018



Theater and Theology is a proud member of the Jerusalem English Theater community. Jerusalem offers a vibrant and varied array of theater companies and productions. For information about companies, upcoming productions, auditions, and more, visit the JET website.


A peek at rehearsals and performances of Divine Right by Roy Doliner, Off the Derech Dolorosa by Tom Dudzick, The Outcast by S.Y. Agnon and adapted by Yael Valier, and In a Stranger's Grave by Miriam Metzinger.

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