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Theater and Theology is delighted to announce its new home at the

Jerusalem Theatre in partnership with the Mikro Theatre.


The Chair

by Haim Watzman




A program for the Mikro Theatre's Jerusalem Theater Arts Festival

 Sukkot, October 3rd and 5th, 2023

Chair photo.jpg

Illustration by Avi Katz

Click HERE

for information about the production - story, program, location and more

an award-winning play by

Haim Watzman

directed by Yael Valier

in partnership with


For updates about tickets for this program -- part of Mikro's Jerusalem Theatre Arts Festival, click HERE.

Miracle on South Division Street
by Tom Dudzick

A prickly-sweet comedy about belief, coming to the Jerusalem Theatre

on November, 14, 15, 16 (matinee & eve) and 18, 2023.

Each performance is followed by a discussion. We'll be hosting

Joshua Berman, Zev Farber, Yehuda Gellman, Yael Leibowitz, and Tamar Ross

Miracle, but funnier.jpg

For information about cast, scholars, dates & the story,

click HERE.

a prickly-sweet comedy by

Tom Dudzick

directed by Yael Valier

with design by John Krug

in partnership with

For tickets for this production,click HERE.

Rehearsal and performance scenes from current and previous productions

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