The Blessing of a Broken Heart

an award-winning play by Todd Salovey

based on the award-winning book by

Sherri Mandell

directed by Yael Valier

designed by John Krug

in cooperation with

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Photo credits, Karen Feldman, 2022

"Watching [this] play was a profound experience." ~ Sara Yoheved Rigler

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~Assaf Berznitsky, Producer, Khan Repertory 

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Sherri Mandell wrote an inspiring book about her search for meaning in the year after her son Koby's murder. Todd Salovey's play faithfully animates her journey with sensitivity and humor. 

The Blessing of a Broken Heart opens on March 14th, 2022, in Jerusalem's Beit Mazia Theater and goes on to other locations. Todd Salovey’s play, based on Sherri Mandell’s National Jewish Book Award-winning book, won the Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award. It tells the true story of Sherri’s journey with and through grief after her son Koby’s vicious murder during the Second Intifada.

Each performance is followed by an interview with a guest scholar. We will be discussing the big issues of good and evil, faith and doubt, the benevolence--or otherwise--of God, and human resilience. 

Dates, cities, speakers:

March 14, 16:00, Beit Mazia Theater,  Jerusalem, with Sherri Mandell

March 14, 20:00, Beit Mazia Theater,  Jerusalem, with Sherri Mandell

March 15, 16:00, Beit Mazia Theater,  Jerusalem, with R' Seth Mandell

March 15, 20:00, Beit Mazia Theater,  Jerusalem, with R' Seth Mandell

March 30, 19:30, Center Stage Theater, Ra'anana, with R' Stewart (Shmuel) Weiss

March 31, 19:30, Heichal Tarbut GE, Gush Etzion, with Sherri & R' Seth Mandell

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Rehearsal and performance scenes from current and previous productions

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