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One of Theater and Theology’s goals is to foster the work of Israeli playwrights. We have already produced the work of Jerusalemites Roy Doliner and Miriam Metzinger, and are looking forward to more. To that end, we are workshopping The Chair by Haim Watzman in October 2023 with a view to tweaking the play and producing a fully staged premiere in the spring of 2024.

Next in line for workshopping is another play by Miriam Metzinger --  A Jerusalem Divorce. We'll be holding staged readings in the presence of the playwrights so that, together, we can assess how best to develop each play and bring it to the stage. 


THE CHAIR is an adaptation and commentary on the book of Hosea with a wry take on certain aspects of modern life in Israel. It includes shocking, but necessary, content and, beyond regular workshopping goals, we will be assessing if we can stomach that content, and if we want to.


We are planning to hold a reading in the open air for about 20 representative audience members, when the Corona situation allows for that. We will not hold rehearsals until it is safe to do so.

Haim Watzman’s Necessary Stories appear in The Times of Israel every four weeks. He is the author of Company CA Crack in the Earth, and a collection, Necessary Stories. For more information on his books, and an archive of all his Necessary Stories, visit

Illustration reprinted here with permission.

Next on the list for workshopping is A JERUSALEM DIVORCE by Miriam Metzinger, playwright of In a Stranger’s Grave, produced by Theater And Theology in 2019. 


In A Jerusalem Divorce, Miriam Metzinger navigates the politics and pitfalls of Jewish divorce with a  clear eye and a surprising dose of humor. We will be workshopping this play after The Chair and look forward to some entertaining and thought-provoking upcoming seasons. 

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