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To our great disappointment, the worst of the current spike in Corona cases is predicted to be exactly during our two-week January run of The Blessing of a Broken Heart, the play by Todd Salovey based on the award-winning book by Sherri Mandell, designed by John Krug and directed by Yael Valier.






Why we canceled

Corona is spiking. The government is predicting the height of the infection rate exactly during the two weeks we are supposed to perform. One member of our team runs two labs at the Hebrew U medical school. In her opinion, there is no chance that someone in our audience won't have Omicron, making this kind of gathering a likely spreader event. The government has not banned this kind of gathering (yet?) but this does not seem to be the right time to invite many people to sit next to each other in a closed room.


What now?

In the next few days, you will get an official cancelation notice and your money back from the theater or ticketing service from whom you bought your ticket. 




















And in the future?

We hope to schedule new dates when this current Corona wave is over (or when it has been conquered forever!). Please keep an eye out for updates on the Theater and Theology Facebook page (follow the page to get updates) and/or sign up for updates by hitting the contact tab above.


For more information about Sherri Mandell and The Koby Mandell Foundation, including programs for bereaved families, camps for children bereaved by terror, support services, and the hugely successful annual Comedy for Koby event, please go to The Koby Mandell Foundation website.




















With wishes for a healthy year!
Yael Valier, 

Creative Director

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